Korean designers are set to dominate the catwalks as the Vancouver Fashion Week opens its 30th season this week.

All is all Vancouver will play host to over 90 designers from 20 countries from the 18th - 26th of September, said Jamal Abdourahman, who founded Vancouver Fashion Week in 2001.

VFW is the fastest growing fashion week in the world and the only industry event that actively

seeks out to showcase international award winning designers from over 25 global fashion capitals, said Abdourahman.

“For 30 seasons, Vancouver Fashion Week has celebrated multiculturalism and up-and-coming on their runways.

We strive to identify undiscovered designers by providing an accessible and internationally reputable platform,” he said.

Among those in this year’s fall edition is Choi Boko, a first generation fashion designer from Korea, who has created a womenswear brand known for its constructive but comfortable silhouettes combined with artistic prints and patchwork patterns.

“This seasons theme is based on the contingency of Simulacrum. I wanted to express the process of constructing ‘another nature’ in the form of a fashion object, rather than a costume that imitates nature” said designer Choi Boko about his SS18 collection.

Debuting at this year’s event is designer Hyunmi Jang with her label MEZIS.

Originally from the eastern province of Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea, Hyunmi has established her brands MENZIS and Free Balance within the industry in shows around the globe including Germany, France and China.

Another first timer from Korea at VFW SS18 is Lee Youjung presenting her brand L by L. The featured brand targets women with global senses; it expresses romance and according to the designer is created to “reflect a woman's sensibility on a modern scale”.

“This seasons event will be the biggest representation from Korea to date with eight designers presenting a range of styles and trends from their home country,” said Abdourahman.

Others showcasing their designs this week are returning designers include, Canadian artist Katherine Tessier, Tieler James from the USA and Anna Francesca from Panama.

Jamal Abdourahman, the founder of Vancouver Fashion Week has done his best to make sure of that. For the past 30 seasons, Abdourahman and his team have worked to put together a seasonal showcase of local and international designers that has grown considerably over the years.

Abdourahman said he was a nightclub promoter when he had the idea of staging a major fashion show in his club.

“Since I love dancing, I did the choreographing of the fashion shows to begin with’ he said.

“Fashion consumers nowadays have more access to local designer items. They also buy more goods from local designers because they want exclusivity, and uniqueness in their purchase.

“The designers for this season are great and very creative. Each season I try not to see their new collections, I like to be as surprised as our guests..I talk to them regularly however and by conversing with them, I am able to see where their heads are at and share in their excitement” he said.Read more at:http://www.mirobridesmaid.co.uk | purple bridesmaid dresses


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Opening Ceremony

A savvy audience member at tonight’s performance of Changers, the dance piece–as-collection-presentation staged by Opening Ceremony, pointed out that Humberto Leon and Carol Lim have created quite a body of work in the past three years: A play, a politically themed pageant, a Justin Peck–choreographed ballet, and now this theatrical experience, with Mia Wasikowska and Lakeith Stanfield playing young lovers who grow apart. Lim, Leon, and their regular collaborator, Spike Jonze, have come a long way since they debuted 100% Lost Cotton in September 2014; after that performance, your humble reviewer confessed herself rather perplexed about whether she was meant to be assessing the drama or the clothes. That wasn’t an issue this time out, inasmuch as Jonze, who scripted and directed the piece, was really using Opening Ceremony’s latest collection to tell his story. The drama seemed extrapolated from the clothes—which, if you’re going to stage dance pieces–cum–fashion presentations, is exactly as it should be.

As noted, this was a tale of young love. Perhaps Jonze fixed on youth as a key theme because of the rather collegiate vibe of much of the collection. There were faux sorority tees, varsity jackets, kilts, plaid flannels, duffle coats, and that old uni standby, sweats. Some of the details were hard to read onstage, but a few jumped out—the volume on a dress sleeve’s shoulder, pearl embellishment on a sweater, the slick of neon patent leather. Stanfield’s character was a rather natty dresser to start out—the kind of guy who shrugs on a blazer with his slouchy cords—but then when the bottom falls out of his relationship, he goes all track pants and hoodies. Real enough, that. Wasikowska had a more interesting arc, prodded by a pair of hedonistic friends to trade out her loose plaid dress for a sexy knit one with glittery stripes, and later, go all pill-y and ecstatic at the club in an acid-hued satin kilt. By the time the lovers reunite, Stanfield in his sweats and Wasikowska looking quite grown up and refined in a strong-shouldered pink blazer and matching leggings, the writing is on the wall: She has evolved, he has not.

The performance had some transcendent moments, such as the scene in the club, with a troupe of dancers going for it, and the singing of Abraham Boyd, a vocalist Jonze discovered busking in Central Park. The dance moves, devised by Ryan Heffington (choreographer of Sia’s video for “Chandelier”), packed a lot of punch. And Wasikowska and Stanfield shone, each of them committed, affecting, and ultra-charismatic. As a whole, Changers was absorbing in its telling of a familiar story, and it got across the vibe of being in your early 20s and immersed in the process of becoming yourself. It was a bit like a season 1 episode of Girls in that way, but with melancholy in place of laceration. (And, side note, the Arts and Crafts–y wallpaper prints looked great in their cameo appearances.) So a rousing success!

Except. For all the congratulations Leon and Lim (and Jonze) are due for exploring new forms for a fashion presentation, the fact that they seem committed to narrating collections this way raises the question: Are these the best stories they can tell? It’s not a complaint to say that this outing ably expressed a certain vision of how people are. What would it look like for a collection given the narrative treatment to posit, instead, how people could potentially be? The Opening Ceremony players are capable of rising to that challenge. Stay tuned.Read more at:bridesmaids dresses | green bridesmaid dresses


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Still feel Friday

Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu says that she still feels Friday release pressure. Taapsee takes the ownership of every film she works in and due to that, she feels pressure on every Friday whenever her movie is hitting the box office.

Last Friday, her Telugu movie released on that Taapsee said, “Oh I do. I just got the Telugu release last Friday so I do get the pressure because I take the ownership of my films. I just don’t let it go and ride it on other names… that’s why I get that pressure.”

She is currently gearing up for her upcoming Hindi action-comedy film titled “Judwaa 2”, which is directed by his father David Dhawan. The movie is a sequel of David Dhawan’s 1997 film ‘Judwaa’. The movie features Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Taapsee Pannu in the lead role.

About her upcoming Hindi movie titled “Judwaa 2“, she said, “I am excited to see the reaction. People are going to see my glamorous side in the film. They have to publish the trailer twice to understand if that is me (laughed). I don’t know how they are going to react so I am definitely waiting to see the reaction.”

Recently, Taapsee was seen walking the ramp for the designer Divya Reddy at the Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) Winter/Festive 2017. The designer Divya Reddy made a strong statement by declaring the green as the new black, at the 6Degree Studio during Lakme Fashion Week.

In the show, Taapsee wore the shade of pink, by breaking the monotony of the muted tones of green and salmon pink. She wore the stunning full-length, long-sleeved and a jacket over a sheer delicately embroidered piece. Taapsee’s outfit was making a mark in the crowd and look glamorous.

About the outfit, Taapsee said, “If she will allow, I can take this outfit and wear it at all the weddings that I have to attend. I genuinely feel that we as an Indians are actually mistaking fashion. Our outfit overpowers the personality… that’s where I feel a lot of us are going wrong and that’s why I keep it simple in a way that my personality needs to gel with the outfit.. it needs to shine out.”

Divya’s other collection was the fabric, which had a great fashion story. The kolam tribe in the Kawal forest has a flight of butterflies, which turned into an exquisite silk, spun by using the double spun technique, where the broken strands are double spun and stuck together to create strong silk yarn, which is called Madhepur Tussar.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses | chiffon bridesmaid dresses


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Flawless skin

From the Dead Sea salts in Jordan to coconut oil from farms in the outskirts of Chennai, Namrata Nayar, a certified naturopath and soap maker, sources pure ingredients to make bath products. Started last year, Pebbles of Nature caters to people who are keen on keeping their skin young and supple. Having worked in the beauty industry for several years, it had been her passion to make something that will help people take care of their skin. “I did an online course on soap making and learnt all about mixing different natural oils and butters to make the right product,” she says.

Namrata uses goat’s milk, glycerin, cocoa butter, mango butter, olive oil, coconut oil, honey and others. “I make my own concoctions and make sure it suits a particular skin type,” she smiles and adds, “All my products are tried and tested — mostly on my family and friends, who are also my customers. Fortunately, I’ve always had their trust, and they were more than willing to buy my new products.”Pebbles of Nature produces 10 varieties of soaps, body butters, hair products, lip balms and scrubs.

“Most of my products have 35-70% of olive oil, as the oleic acid in it helps retain the moisture in your body. It removes dead skin cells and is good for your skin in the long run,” she points out. Through her research and from feedback Namrata learnt a lot about her own products. “Goat’s milk protects your skin from UV rays; that’s a very important ingredient. Many of my customers also tell me that they have started tanning less after using this soap. Shea butter is filled with vitamin A and E,” she explains.

Namrata makes these soaps in the unit herself. Each batch takes about three-to-four hours to complete. “Curing them takes about four-six weeks. This is when the soap hardens and becomes ready for use,” she says. Keeping in mind the quality and the need for a good fragrance, Namrata says there is a right time when the essential oils should be added. “Commercial soap makers add synthetic fragrance towards the end of the soap making process to retain the fragrance on the body for long, but I add essential oils while making the soap,” she claims.

Though we make use of besan and turmeric for bath, Namrata refrained from using these products. “Everywhere in the world there are certain products that are good for our skin and I wanted to introduce people to them. I source my ingredients from in and around Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi and Karnataka and also from some places like Jordan,” she points out.Does skin type differ based on region? “No,” she says. “You would expect people from Chennai to have normal to oily skin given the humidity factor. But most of my customers here, mainly women complain of dry skin.”

Her products will be on display at The English Tearoom, Alwarpet on August 16 and 17.

Know your skin

When you wake up in the morning, without washing your face put some blotting paper on you forehead, cheeks, chin and nose.If the paper on the cheek is dry and the one on the T-zone (forehead and nose) is oily that means you have combination skin, aka, normal skin.If the whole of the blotting paper is oily it means you have oily skin and if there’s nothing then you have dry skin.Read more at:mirobridesmaid | vintage bridesmaid dresses


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Don't miss the summer skirts

Being different is a very important thing for dressing, but being different means a unique style and a wonderful color, but the entire pattern still remains the same. Summer should have a skirt angle flying landscape, attachments to trousers can also be placed slightly.

01 Long skirts can reflect the meaning of most skirt angle flying, especially gauze long skirts, and most of the summer require such materials to make fantasy imaginative. Pink, embroidered, exquisite detailing foils princess style elegance, and Sweetie is the season that wants romance.

02 There is a long skirt of the evening breeze, so there is a visual feeling of the flying skirt angle. You'll fall in love with confidence. The hit color of the lattice is one of the most fresh and natural colors to take, the angle of the skirt increases, stitch the angle of the skirt, and the scenery of someone else flying all the time.

The summer of 03 skirt horn is always like a summer biking with a memorable ice cream. The angle of the pleated skirt may not be as fluffy as a gauze skirt, but the windy night can still be perfect for a skirt angle flight, but also to maintain a popular confidence.

04 Wish Your life is like a long skirt, there are exquisite edges, corners are great and paved, there are many opportunities for adjustment. Simple i.e. happiness can use a pattern to make a monotone color, a long skirt is lighter and this is like a fairy alight, which is pure white to our best images.

05 Silk and linen splicing, with retro material to the visual effects of fashion, in reference to the elegant personality of chiffon, straight skirts with the help of a fork will fly to understand the meaning of the skirt angle. Because of the high end material, the style doesn't have to be too good, simple and generous enough.

Using 06 colors is a good, important performance in dressing. The gradual discoloration of romance in the summer can be a final play. Blue, the most refreshing natural color, turned deep and thick at the time of Halo, gradually became a kind of confidence in the beautiful, skirt angle flying bonus points.

07 temperament is not an expensive and piled price, temperament must read travel to increase the experience, but also need to dress up enough attention. Not expensive, but pay attention to the nature of the details, wear a high sense of necessity for the help of lazy colors and it is best to play your temperament.

08 Loose Cotton Hemp Skirt, perhaps the angle of the skirt flies the feeling of the image to be much less, but you can't refuse this skirt to give you a unique vision. Playful print, a lazy and confident attitude, as if you can slowly see the landscape in the early autumn, the convergence of emotions straightened out before.Read more at:black bridesmaid dresses | red bridesmaid dresses


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Black and white

Black and white than basic, there is a new spark, when a large color becomes the body of clothing, can bring a strong visual effect, such as enhancing the color of the theme to be expressed, pure colors are suppressed and abstract meanings, the influence of color is a sharp passion, the eternal attributes of black and white constitute a ever-changing beauty, a form of fresh and wonderful interpretations in different seasons of dough.

01 Black Coat The blend of the sense of change in their handsome form, the key is in the interior and the color and contrast accessories of the material colliding, accessories should of course, but also you can use it to create high waist lines up and down, but you have each own style, highlighting a high percentage of plain, color or metal color selection, shoe bags pay attention to texture, high modeling level

-Jacket style down 02 to break the essential impression of Michelin, it creates lightweight, warm, practical clothing, and uses it in light color in the small area of the stereolithography, and it is exposed to the inner stripe effectively to enrich the level, and to bring a bright shape surprise.

03 Diamond shaped wave point embossed wool dress, concise color and version is easy to wear the key is pure white winter is a standard dress, coupled with warm pantyhose and coats, such as the use of hair piercings to adjust, from the way of roll color, or even much to improve the way to the face of the high collar to create a pure taste of winter.

04 Little Black dress Like all the time. Must have one second to hit the heart of detail, cross v collar high waist bandage achieved one of the atmosphere of the United States of America, the seven-point cuff butterfly embroidery, Swallow-tailed umbrella, is further placed in the knowledge of softer temperament on the layer and is also regarded as a dress-skirt dress with one daily dress.

05 texture is very important to the fall and winter skirt, color bowknot, double row buckles bring the British with retro elegance, and even hit collars for heavy wool weight can be described as multiple, and the whole very good type of single ware is very nice.

06 out of the elegant curves still the word skirt type, black and white spells the seemingly simple two colors are remedies that include the V-collar, shoulder, sham and other visual elements to fold two pieces and set the charm of a plain dress extraordinary with various benefits.

07 Former school uniforms are marching fashion way or refreshing fashion with oversized profile or combining popular elements of a concise expression of young attitudes, simple characters and zippers collar The pure-color body, creating a European or American atmosphere, and no less outerwear.

08 countless practices have proved less decorative and more advanced design and the same as the last part of a pure colored T-shirt, the small stand emphasizes the design and makes it easier to contrast the characters, the effect is comparable to the decoration of the neck, and the shifting visual focus can also be more of a shape.

09 Return simple is the right way, but the winter is more important, even if it is playing a shirt under pure color, the more fashion will be recklessly warmer, also has a sweater chain silk scarf to highlight the personality rich modeling, skin color to play the light, the model can fill the endless possible white self-cultivation to play the shirt below, and the high hips under the suit can play this universal formula too long, Keep in mind the persistent, practical routine

10 this season the metal ring as a simple but not simple texture decoration, cleverly in people's wardrobe, to meet the simple control of the discerning in particular, black short skirts are too common in the zipper ring, more trendy designs are the basis of the ones for black white shapes to add attractive details.Read more at:mirobridesmaid | purple bridesmaid dresses


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You're a beautiful shirt

God is to distinguish everyone gives a different face, but also to make love more tolerant, as if a shirt, each carefully tailored to wait until the pair to understand its appearance, smile surprises-you are very beautiful, because you may inadvertently fall in love with the rare of a person, my love

01 is youth or pure, desire is just a line, many unavoidable too sexy, from now on the shoulder with a pure and sad feeling, can not throw away too subtle, sentimental feeling, so small dew shoulders and collar, gave a white shirt countless romantic verses, playful sweet princess Static Wan easy

02 When that taste came across the WAN orchid knowledge, Baal black and white gray and Blue sung and capable changes, or clear and introverted grey apricot rice powder, and to cast green beans, if you want to use a popular eye for capturing the elegance of fresh socializing, it's a simple point, some feel fresh, a butterfly knot ribbon and a double rendering of the idea of the lotus leaf side-catching color eye.

03 Side Panties Long open, even with no sexual point can be a natural holiday color of blue and white, in the first eye of the mirror, the person can give infinite fresh goodwill, look fine after a long short before, the shoulders are loose and playful in three points to show the popular play, the fickle lazy, body and mind

04 Sequin, lace, wooden ears, small fluffy, if a little further refinement also find, the lantern sleeve accompanying a small collar is how many dream girl's loving love, because only while the heart does not leave the feelings of the princess, traffic Qiao Sweet light Sexy

05 Perhaps many people can not help but the modern popularity is sick fashion? If not, why the stars are vying for eye-catching, can not help openly photo pajamas and patient clothing, but feel that fashion is a different experience, is absolutely bold enough, even if there is no complete confidence.

06 elegant points to see more reliable and streamlined on the table you always know love, the light self-cultivation of the shirt plus the generous Qing is very good, but feel close to the classic, the V-collar thin face is the key to the elegant, hardness-sung slightly lighter sexy silhouette waistline, just on one side.

07 can't help but the youthful delicate admiration is the biggest cost of fashion. If not, who can put a blue-and-white pleated trumpet sleeve elegant, lantern-sleeve-jiao princess, but also instantly Meng Ming puts classic clothes to lead the word, as a playful and sociable holiday leisurely.

08 concise, but not simple, understanding and rigid, the last choice of fashion, is that you want to have a lot, and just it has some, certain points are dyed on the edge of the V-collar 2-inlaid wave, soft net good sexy imposing top.Read more at:royal blue bridesmaid dresses | cheap bridesmaid dresses


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Summer without these colors?

The beauty of nature is worth praising, but it is not impossible if the late decoration does not drown in the sea. Spring and summer, the season itself is enough, if you do not point to their place, how to make the spring and summer is different? Color offers a lot of choices, just to hit one.

The 11 straight-thinking print is also a way of hitting the color, but with a dash of calm that does not directly clash when the color is dissolved. Printed denim skirts may be the essence of color, stitching pure color lace, irregular design is the most favorite way of literature and art.

02 The blue and white collocation has not been able to give a strong visual impact on how, we are accustomed to the color of this method of existence, as if these two colors need to be together naturally. The exaggerated but very sweet lotus leaves the side, let us emboldened the charm of the dress, and the shoulders dew everywhere.

03 fused the Dot line, and the color hit colorful enough. The point of the existing wave of smart, but also full of lines, large collisions and decoration of small areas is very harmonious. Folding is the presence of the best chiffon loose emboldened, deep blue and turmeric, the organization is no longer embarrassed if the colors are shameful.

04 Guolu, purple, pink, mellow and fresh color, perhaps a low-key material, this color is covered with a retro layer to make the old implication. Irregular collisions may just want to express the nonchalant state of mind, beyond the rules to be free to do their AH.

Plain low key friendly people like 05 people like to bump into warm propaganda. Just as life is always separated and pieced together. How does it feel? Seemingly indifferent and thin, but no one can leave and feel these colors.

06 lines of color formation on the release block of the ego, the angle is obviously not very clear and makes people feel fierce. A small v-collar can conceal very thin, wooden ears and very short of arms, because of the color of the straight skirts, the reason as the hips looming, micro-fat girls can try ah.

07 Classic stripes are built into our lives as some essential parts, but it is still impossible to forget that some people can give a bright feeling. The visual effects of blue and red are similar, plus white decorations, not propaganda as well as not pessimistic.Read more at:http://www.mirobridesmaid.co.uk | silver bridesmaid dresses


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1960s fashion

IF you are a collector of handbags, you will not want to miss Bonia’s latest limited-edition showcases – the Twiggy Junia, Twiggy Maras and Maras Collections.

Unveiled at the grand opening of the revamped Bonia boutique at Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, the Twiggy collections are inspired by 1960s fashion styles that come in whimsical pastel colours and embellished with floral accents for a touch of femininity and youthfulness.

But what makes the Twiggy Maras and Maras Collections unique are their Madagascan Lemurs look, which was inspired by local artist Monica Lee’s portrait.

These two collections feature a lemur-like soft and furry tail satchels handle for a more fashionable and elegant look.

At the exclusive Bonia members’ event, guests and fans saw local actor Aeril Zafrel presenting these limited-edition satchels to six lucky women who managed to preorder them before the launch.

“At Bonia, we are always trying to upgrade our brand and give our customers the best we can offer.

“With everyone moving at such a fast pace even when they are shopping, we hope this new ambience and revamped look will help customers slow down and appreciate the finer things in life,” said CB Franchising Sdn Bhd (Bonia) general manager Manimaran Kanapathi.

Currently, there are 21 Bonia boutiques and four outlets in Malaysia including its newly refurbished Pavilion store.

“We plan to revamp our Penang store sometime this year,” he added.

To remind guests of the auspicious event, Bonia held activities such as a photo booth, a caricature drawing station and a hot-stamping counter where shoppers took home photos, cute drawings and a customised namecard holder.

The newly renovated 1,744sq ft store features refined wooden walls units, geometric patterns of gold and white wall paints and unique, gold-toned furnishings.

Illuminated with warm white lighting, the interior also highlights the Monogram Lounge that is equipped with elegant cushioned chairs for a more comfortable and sophisticated shopping experience.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses | mirobridesmaid.co.uk


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Six yards of Mumbai

(Photo:gold bridesmaid dresses)

Capturing the spirit of Mumbai, a two-day exhibition at New Delhi’s Aga Khan Hall will present a riot of colours on a range of cotton saris. Starting today, as the title “Mumbai Meri Jaan” signifies, the collection speaks the language of flamboyance, how the city behaves during monsoon and its iconic fiat taxis. All this would be seen in colourful tassels and bright selvedge as part of the sustainable movement started by Ethicus, a brand from Pollachi in Tamil Nadu. Using age old knowledge of organic farming methods, the cotton used in these saris are extra long in staple and soft to touch.

Excerpts from an interview with Vijayalakshmi Nachiar, co-founder and Creative Director, Ethicus, who is having first solo exhibition in Delhi. She will also participate at the upcoming Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai

On the love for Mumbai

I felt Mumbai was such an iconic city that we need to come up with a colour-based collection inspired from iconic places. All those things which remind us of the city have been taken into the collection. Inspiration has been drawn from Gateway of India, Victoria’s Terminus Railway Station and Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Even though we randomly took images from posters of Bollywood for our colour scheme, in terms of look and feel our saris are different from those shown in Hindi films. We even took inspiration from local trains of Mumbai. We have now come with an amazing collections which has thousands of colours. In terms of look and feel they are different from what is shown in Bollywood movies.

On the variety of saris at exhibition

All our saris have 150 to 200 designs. We are collaborating with other artisans. Saris will be in Kalamkari, block print and a range of jacquard. While we are aware of the need to keep their traditions alive, we are constantly experimenting with new designs, themes and techniques to develop innovative designs for the women of today.

On methodology of creating exquisite motifs

First we work on a theme. Based on theme we create divergent motifs which are in sync with the theme. This time round motifs are from Mumbai’s skyline, represent the train route, how we have motifs from one room bedroom apartment, the chawls of Mumbai which we have compared with beehive. We have changed the look and feel of cotton saris. Our innovation in cotton textiles results in textures and weaves. These textures have transformed the way we perceive a cotton sari.

On making eco-friendly cotton saris

Most people don’t know that cotton uses so much of chemical and pesticide. In 2005 when we realised, we decided to make a difference in the way our businesses are run.

We changed that by growing our organic cotton and starting contract farming. Our handloom saris are pure organic. Neither chemical cotton nor middlemen are used. The concept of farm to fashion was started by us. We purchase cotton from our farmers, weave it and spin it in our design studio. Therefore we talk about how it is affecting our wildlife, farmers and how we are making a difference by giving each weaver an identity. In every product, we inform how many days he has taken to weave a particular sari.

On innovations in cotton saris

If you look at cotton saris, we have changed the look and feel. Earlier more and more women were not using them as an everyday wear, but on special occasion like weddings. We changed the way cotton was seen. As we have control over raw materials, we are able to produce very good quality fabric. As we have looms with ourselves we are able to engineer a lot of weaves and textures.

These saris can be worn without starch and draped very easily like chiffon and Georgette. We have a range of saris which we call boardroom saris. Saris give women a certain degree of authority. There are saris which can be worn with office shirts and T- shirts and any kind of tank top. We have made sari a fashion statement.

On foreign brands slowly eating into the Indian handloom market

These are challenges that we face. The powerloom versus the handloom, the machine made versus the handmade. It keeps us on our toes. We need to ensure that what we do machines cannot do.Read more at:bridesmaid dress


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The bride wore rolls

Here comes the bride, all dressed in ... double-ply?

Not all wedding gowns are traditional, but few are made out of toilet paper. In a recent contest, people with some serious creative flair were asked to whip up bridal attire using basic bathroom TP.

The rules are simple: Contestants obviously must use toilet paper. They can use any type of tape, glue, and/or needle and thread. The dress must be able to be worn and taken on and off. The model can't be sewn, taped or glued into the dress.

And the results are ridiculously amazing.

Instead of swathing their models like mummies, these toilet paper artists have crafted delicate masterpieces ranging from form-fitting numbers with intricate cutouts to retro designs with capes or tassels.

There were more than 1,500 entries in this year's Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest. The 13-year-old competition is presented by Cheap Chic Weddings and Quilted Northern (of course).

It took Kari Culetto,Las Vegas actress and mother of two, three months to craft her winning entry, which she calls "Quilted Enchantment." The gown's 1,500 hand-cut butterflies and a six-foot cathedral train earned the raves of judges and the $10,000 first prize.

"It kind of feels like I'm dreaming right now," Curletto told Reuters after her win. "Halfway through I was going to quit. I was crying and thinking, 'Well, I just can't do it. It's too much,' and a butterfly flew into my yard and landed on my hand."

For three years in a row, Virginia florist Ronaldo Cruz has won the fan favorite entry. His off-the-shoulder lacy gown features intricate snowflake shapes and is modeled by his niece, Danika.

“I don’t draw or sketch anything,” Cruz tells The Virginian-Pilot. “I just do what comes to mind.”

Carol Touchstone's vintage creation includes 135 tassels, more than 6,500 strips of twisted toilet paper, and 6,000 beads. She used nearly three dozen rolls of two-ply toilet paper and two rolls of "vintage peach" Quilted Northern that she found online for the accompanying headpiece.

Touchstone owns a vintage clothing store and has worked in fashion and interior design.

“It’s a great conversation starter,” Touchstone told the Miami Herald. “I tell people I make wedding dresses out of toilet paper, and they say, ‘Oh, OK,’ and then I show them the photographs and next thing I know, there are four or five people gathered around.”

Freelance designer Van Tran of Brooklyn was the winner of the 2016 design competition. For this year's contest, she made a form-fitting pantsuit with lace trim.

“I’ve made a whole clothing collection out of used paper cloths, so this competition is a natural fit for me,” she told the New York Post.

New Jersey artist Susan Masarek used white duct tape, glue and needle and thread to make her gown. It's sleek with a cape and pillbox hat, calling to mind Jackie Kennedy, circa 1963.

It's the fifth year Mansarek has competed, each time as a top 10 finalist.

"I don't think anybody is trying to say you should make your wedding dress out of toilet paper, but it's a nice way of saying I think we can bring that cost down in some ways," Masarek told NJ.com. "One message (that) is very important is not to go into debt for a big wedding and paying for it for years and years when you should have a wonderful, beautiful wedding and not going into debt to do it."

Each year Ripley's (of "Believe it or Not" fame) displays a number of the finalist dresses. This year, the company will donate about 20 of the gowns to brides whose plans are in tatters due to the surprise bankruptcy of wedding dressmaker Alfred Angelo.

But even if you don't have nuptials on the horizon, it's easy to appreciate the craftsmanship that went into these gowns.

Here are more of the contest's awe-inspiring creations. Makes you want to head to your bathroom and see what you can do, doesn't it?Read more at:mirobridesmaid.co.uk | cheap bridesmaid dresses


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A little more attractive

Unconsciously after a year, whether it is just like an eye blink, whether you like it or not, the new year is destined to grow one year old, also a little far from the youth of the Year, and as a gradually mature woman, a new year, a little more charming.

01 Mention of the appeal should mention the fashion of hip skirts in the package, smooth and self-cultivation of the line, fitting the curves of the body, in exquisite lace, easy to display the attractive temperament, captivating and not able to hook people up, just good for the beautiful

02 Red is one of the favorite colors of women and it is the most suitable for use in the need to decorate the exquisite lines of the dress, passionate and elegant charm. Long-Buy is good for winter wear, so that you can have a beautiful, as well as to hold the warmth.

03. You and an attractive light ripe woman, often only one step away, will skirt the step, limit your moving pace, but can give you a more attractive calm walking posture. Low keys but hundreds of colors, with little knowledge of power to show you United States and fashion wisdom.

04 even if a self-grown skirt often has some magical powers even if there is no flashy ornaments, you can still blossom the aesthetic sense of fashion, like this simple bag of butt skirts, the essential foundation of your wardrobe

05 Leather skirts are also an essential element of attraction because they are more sophisticated and the waistline is more pronounced than the waist-span curve. So girls wont big butt and a girl with a big butt can wear a hip skirt.

06 Tassel makes a more rich punk amorous feeling than a pu skirt, but also adds a smart and free temperament for them. So you walk between tassels and light to become your image of blindly element, so memorable is your unique landscape.

07, women like Flowers, a slim girl who knows the truth Oh, that the dress above nature can be less suitable for floral elements, a simple self-cultivation bag hip skirt, floral element decoration, more attractive and delicate, that is not so skirts.

08 If you feel your gas field still hold you don't live on some attractive skirts after that, but the vibrant beautiful cut of the skirt, straight skirt type, try short and bright short skirts, but let's move forward a bit in the charming boulevard.Read more at:green bridesmaid dresses | black bridesmaid dresses


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The skirt of the yarn

As a woman always shows off in front of a big skirt friend like a child to a certain element of mind, the boy secretly hid high heels... And now you can easily stand out on the road to dress up as a gauze skirt girl, but not as exquisite lace, Tassel Elegant, and so many things to get.

01 screen crystal clear, as if overnight has become a popular model. I know you don't want to follow suit, but there is a little bit of persistence for good things. The elegant skirts of the pendulum outlined the picturesque Wonderland, with three-dimensional flowers, the understated color.

02. The birth of high technology, pure yarn and embroidery can foil each other's merits. Traditional crafts, embroidery is representative of the national wind and has time to precipitate the temperament, but in times of gauze, embroidery can be trendy to achieve another sense of beauty, breaking the shape of past colors and expressions.

03 The feature of the net yarn is not dew through, and even if you try to show the beauty of the dew, you can not see more temptations. The spring branches of the vine are about this attitude, red crisp, green cozy, and fresh and elegant in white, beautiful harmonies and exquisite.

04 Silk too elegant, always feel some irrational, probably because the purse June always emboldened enough. Oh, the use of Chinese retro style of effect is just right if the net yarn is the same style, you can also achieve the goal of smart elegant, less noble than some cents gas.

05 No matter how the net yarn can not change the feeling of elegance, but different density, the feeling of the yarn is different, slightly crisp, some soft elegant, always change to be among the popular ranks. The lace straight skirts can be seen on the hips, with a very small, s-shaped sleek slender.

06 Qipao's evolving pace is growing faster, while tracing the footsteps of fashion is not forgotten, on the one hand is to keep trying new elements to maintain progress. Graceful and slim, the purpose of China is always attractive, the classic of the butterfly print color is smart enough, serene and serene.

07. Do the girl in a yarn skirt, admire the view of another yarn skirt, there is a total can let you mind, there are always you can easily stand out. Stitching the illusion of fringes gauze, tassel decoration enhances the visual meaning, the elegant and clever layering of new heights, wearing white is also a kind of ability.

The woman in the 08 yarn skirt has a gentle dignified side, in addition to the skirt angle flying smartly. Slightly self-grown skirts began to strengthen the concept of stitching, from the hips, as well as to ensure a hazy clarity, but also to resolve the transparent embarrassment. Pale grey, as the overall temperament moves especially.

09 Denim and Pure yarn are originally irrelevant, but with a reciprocal flattering fashion tide, forming a unique visual effect. The leisure of suspenders skirts, the exquisite sense of silk gauze, the collision of this hand is not suitable for anyone. But if you can handle it, its front is simple.Read more at:yellow bridesmaid dresses | orange bridesmaid dresses


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Lulu on the shoulder neck

Looking forward to the convex after the appeal, fashion girls do not end their whole life of hobbies, some of the words are captivating in the sexy progression, the cost of doing most of some virtual high, as long as the harvest is the best, in fact, a sexy congenital deficiency, after tomorrow's Day, fashion girls can compensate for the greatest taste, such as small dew, shoulder and neck love.

01 Charming looking white skirt, waist slender, at least sexy this close, the inside suddenly jumps out a big exclamation mark, originally Mei confusion can be transformed from a small freshness of the first impression, but any shoulder neck Micro Dew can now accompany the waist of a small pendulum of seductive, white skirt lotus leaf Sleeves

02 is simple and extraordinary, but the cascade of lotus leaves of epic touching, it is a fascinating grace that has been said, but happened to meet the love of small fresh stripes, especially during the bold personality dilemma, emphasizing the big name line, without losing personality, fashionable

03 The full of embroidery national wind, because of the red and white mosaic of old-fashioned beautiful traces, even with the help of a lace stitch perspective, sexy anti-liberals contemplate unlimited coquettish more amorous emotions, combined with the bare shoulders of inflated expensive audacity, when it is hidden.

04 likes to say that a pure girl and sexy daring dare not do anything but the edge of a lantern sleeve and a lotus leaf inlaid with a half-dew incense shoulder can be easily appealed, but also a little more romantic possibilities playful print as well as the princess

05 Wei Dress's dominant youth leisure and vitality can be very old and quite popular, of course, a good play can also be a petty slacker, where the shoulder daring, hype of the unruly, unique youth is great, as well as cool handsome and sexy and best good friends.

06 Dew How much and how dew is the difference between sexy and captivating, which is difficult to grasp the most puzzles, but no matter how difficult the answer is, the word bear shoulder adds some lotus leaf folds to render, especially the sexy ballroom look, both expansive, sweet, elegant and sexy, and the atmosphere can withstand the test of taste.

07. Simple vest, fashion control and romantic, there is an obvious narrowing of the shoulder rationalization is the star of the first choice, let the dew come more introverted, there is a sexy and dignified atmosphere, because the eye-catching of the overhang is not quite an alternative exaggeration.Read more at:coral bridesmaid dresses | mirobridesmaid


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Seaside feast, swimsuit, sexy

Let's go swimming hot. Let's take a vacation and go to the seaside. The hot days of midsummer, and the intimate contact of water, as if inertia, talking to the mouth carelessly, there is actually someone like a greedy cat, but I do not say mouth in the center of meditation-I want to go to the seaside pool, all right to see hot and sexy.

01 Both perspectives, and the appearance of the black lace shirt, the silhouette against the blue water seems to have a self-evident flashy sexiness, but this is only the surface, and in a moment of reading the seductive connotations of sexy socializing, hanging a band of neck shoulders looming, looking at the print small flat trousers

02 everywhere classy and fresh Yaran, even as a tropical plant shakes, it is not possible to change the width of the shoulder with a small pendulum of a graceful net WAN, it does not show a conservative atmosphere in the tacit, it is admired, and this is just a bathing suit, and the feelings of the beautiful woman are exactly charming.

03 Daring enemy bikini can be self-confident and hot, unlike all kinds of implied skirts and shirts, the fiber waistline can be a good figure in the ratio of gold, and also the breasts and abdomen can also help with clothing, seductive sexy vulgar and emboldened.

04 All right, why don't you surf again? Happy sunbathing, the exclusive colocation of fashion people, deliberately engraved, floral bikini sunshine, youthful passions, a print bunch of characters can come full of four mix of slowly and comfortable beauty

05, do not look at this black, seems to go low key and introverted mysterious route, sparsely unaware of just sentimental, this little black skirt can be seen by the person, but if its hidden but the traffic is vast hair and not even the waist perspective stitch is hidden, then all three points of the show are

06 High Waist vest + fringed skirt, not knowing that the clothes are only in the crowd of people without care, even if the home cultivation of the high waist is sexy, linglong is suitable for the day of this water, but it is still romantic, and fashionable is a hint of the fragrance of the girl next door.

07 Intimate contact with water is someone to make a show, when someone comes to the real thing and see this, this is a neat, cool and confident, most vivid and sexy picture of a tie and intoxicating, not as professional as every starting point

08 Little girl and sister, a little farther from the sexy daring, dew not dew because it appears to be the key the problem is that slightly green and soft Meng girls, shoulders and backs are the biggest limits, but do not see the rationalization of the fiber hips, can open a loose little sweater.Read more at:green bridesmaid dresses | purple bridesmaid dresses


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Four good habits

Some dark complexion, pimples on the face constantly spots almost one or two years or more... This is not the fault of our skin. The skin is supplemented by local massages, from the external symptoms of the body's internal environment, problems out, the expression of the mood, dieting, sleep, etc., and the means of skin care will look pale, delicate, smooth, face-to-body rehabilitation.

meridians, QI, blood recovery, skin moist and heavy

Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment attach great importance to the visceral role, the QI and the blood of beauty, through the meridians 5, so that the qi and blood movement nourishes the surface, nourishes the skin, as to maintain a ruddy, muscular, skin moist. Meridians unobstructed, qi and blood filling and moods, emotions, regular movements, often cheerful moods, heart peace, Qi and blood have a great relationship to keep the skin smooth to reach the muscles. Here are four good habits to keep your ruddy.

1 Dry-cleaning noodles every morning

The morning before waking, rubbing your hands from rubbing your hot face, rubbing your face → chin → lips → nose → from the middle of your forehead, then release your hands and rub your cheeks right and left, allowing the redness of the face to the degree of heat. This massage can be made at any time of the day, but it is best to have a fresh effect in the morning. In many cases, the surface of dry cleaning can dredge the qi and blood, and five energies to promote the role of the skin of sakae, smooth the skin, to please the face.

2 breakfast red date barley yam Porridge

Together with date, you can eat barley, yam porridge, breakfast or dinner. Red date can enrich the blood, Yam has the function of JIANPI, barley can disperse the dehumidification gas (Western medicine refers to the presence of metabolic waste, toxins), puzzles. Such porridge bowls regulate the great benefits of meridians and replenish the body's qi and blood.

3 nights from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. my

Regular sleep is especially important for the skin. At 11 o'clock at night the skin-two o'clock in the morning, quickly repairing damaged cells, increase skin nutrition, we sleep at this point is conducive to the work of the skin. The skin and the body will not be able to be repaired even if this stage is not found, and it sleeps from 2 o'clock in the morning until 12 noon of the following day.

4 do not eat photosensitive foods during the day

There are spots on the skin, it is best not to eat the photosensitive foods during the day, to avoid exposure to more sunlight, celery, spinach, lemons are all photosensitive foods. Given their beneficial effects on the body, we can eat it at dinner.Read more at:red bridesmaid dresses | mirobridesmaid.co.uk


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The thin-yarn light dances

Hot and high temperature frequency attack, hot to very, what a single product light if nothing and more can reduce the summer? By the silk, net yarn, chiffon and so on composed of thin gauze skirt cool lightsome superiority wins, is the fresh Van Fairy fan's daily choice, but the variety choice can satisfy each kind of fashionable star person's different demand.

Stacy Martin's Cannes Film Festival, red gauze skirt with a silver word with sandals, bright eye exquisite impeccable.

Crape skirt + small white shoes + bookworm glasses of the youth vitality of the practical high, perspective long yarn skirt + the same color inside lap piercing to let harnesses and perspective items at the same time glow new.

AA will split the crepe skirt out of the image of the city Cool Girl, the short blouse can also very well show the strong abs and build long legs, black and brown two colors and material collision is also very imposing.

Veronika Heilbrunner can always wear the yarn skirt beauty is not greasy, the texture is excellent, the secret is the harmonization of neutral elements, such as the addition of sports shoes, so that the romantic fantasy moment after the atmosphere.

Zanita Whittington printing gauze skirt to wear a thick retro literary sense, silk scarf, fork, bandage shoes use of commendable, belt and backpack with the shades of color echoes also harmonious wonderful.

"Full release of the girlish sense:"

01 Belt and wind skirt, design and waist seals are very interesting, loose sleeves can cover the meat is also very suitable for the cool, playful short wake summer vigor, the legendary nine-tailed Fox appeared, what worry lack of girl feeling?

02 Quite unique hand-painted doll skirt is the vitality of June exclusive, color and materials are refreshing like eating ice cream, also silhouetted against the complexion white matte, and the lotus leaf short pendulum lining legs long jiao sweet charming.

03 Worry t-shirt skirt too monotonous or not self-cultivation, add a layer outside can build a good proportion and level of feeling, and will be leisure street and gentle Fairy Qi two style collision is also very fashionable, printing, sports wind stripe enrich smart details and create bright spot, so that the whole full of sunshine, Femaleisure wind play so happy why not quickly about?

04 Summer heat, pay attention to comfort of the material control also in the cotton hemp silk and other natural materials in fine selection, elegant free version, like natural air-conditioning to create a unique cool space, the skin has a texture of morandi pink, the beauty of the healing department refreshing goodwill.

"Red skirt to show the full beauty:"

05 Yuet-Yue's date party is a beautiful dress to win, gauze skirt + strap shoes like a vintage pictorial out of the unique retro feeling memorable, skirt light and weight, hanging with petals along the edge of the decorative foil beauty, detail is very attractive, and choose to close to the skin color of light-colored shoes can avoid the play and can lengthen the leg.

06 cents Beautiful Vibrant red skirt is very suitable for vacation, the level of lotus leaf skirt set to create a free and romantic atmosphere, at the same time to shake off the sticky to keep fresh, fold waist paste at the waist of the most fine place to receive the hourglass body, side is easy and comfortable without from, side is vitality bright and

07 This set of design points is the use of material stitching and irregular tailoring, red T-shirt cut oblique collar point out bold personality and overhangs temperament, half skirt is complicated by the denim and printing chiffon stitching, and the cowboy this elixir of universal medicine just to suppress the light to fly the snow spinning, and hard jeans with belt can better shape the waist.

"Lightly cooked low-key has connotation:"

08 low-key line stripes from the suit, such as neutral single product transfer to the thin silk skirt, soft in a hint of British, mixed hand-painted small patterns can add fun and personality identification, neat v-collar shirt skirt cut, belt can be used, in addition to waist can also use as a scarf, wearing two different styles, instant sense of fashion and practicality also doubles.

$number v collar, fish skirt pendulum is the embodiment of women's best weapon, others to do simple texture dignified generous is very good, the classic dark system is stable atmosphere, will also be relaxed on occasions, age, such as the requirements of the hall into the kitchen can be accompanied by years of objects.

10 into the elegant retro oil painting pattern and irregular fork cut, style and layering, highlighting the smooth and artistic temperament of the line, printing blouses and suspenders skirt two-piece overlay collocation, optimize the proportion, practical enhancement.Read more at:red bridesmaid dresses | white bridesmaid dresses


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Summer dress

Watching the hot summer show meat season will come, means the reduction of meat plastic shape, in a hurry to exercise, cool and thin The trick can also be used, fabric lightsome pendant, design clean and concise, version type relaxed moderate, have waist curve ... method is not the same, in the day-to-day practice to find a suitable way to wear clothes.

"Fabric pendant light."

In the summer of 01, it was very important to have such a lightweight, cool, and thin trousers. Not only good wear, but also has a long skirt elegant and free and easy and olive green fresh sassou, waist folding lined with a slender waist, with a number of excellent quality of the broad leg nine trousers, can be at any time to create a refreshing neat stylish styling.

02 has the silky elegant nature to absorb the sweat and so on the fine properties silk fabric is suitable for summer to wear, do not pick the people of the blue/blue jeans is the first color of this season, to give people a calm and relaxed feeling, very suitable for the need to cool down the summer, relaxed even shoulder sleeve get to the essence of cool thinning.

03 into the summer of course can not mention silk, the rich luster of natural fabrics not only very significant grades, but also to allow the skin to enjoy special pet, loose version and not too much design foil the temperament of their own, the chest chic decorative buckle is simple and generous, let a person in front of a bright.

04 Gorgeous velvet with the combination of the sex T-shirt, pendant smooth and easy to cover the meat parallel, unique velvet luster can be very good to show the retro and avantgarde style, matte color to make the shape appear lightsome romantic, suitable for spring and summer not too hot weather.

"Design refreshing and concise"

05 Thin is not blindly concealed and hidden, witty clever dew more amorous feelings million kinds, let the shape more breathable reveal the original sexy, oblique shoulder also has a vague proportion of the effect of horizontal thinning, only this one design point is very able to earn enough eyeballs, simple to give people a good feeling of clothing.

06 Thin Line Hook is the essence of this shirt design, very detailed exquisite, very good interpretation of the French elegance, naturally opened V-collar outlining beautiful neck lines, micro-la cuff release lady's breath, very suitable for the formal style with a single product, is a necessary good for commuters.

"Version of Moderately loose"

07 Loose is always more friendly to the body than tight, the type of clothing, there is a certain profile more able to show the natural flow of clothing lines, to help hide the meat is thin, even if the sweater is the clothes, spring and summer warmer just put the legs out of the air, so slender legs and outline of the shape of the shirt to balance.

08 in line with the office rigorous and meticulous style of blue and white stripes, hundred and refreshing, using the side belt and elegant pleated to show slender waist, simple wind tailoring is also very clear temperament, the overall understanding of elegance and no lack of lively personality.

09 to break the rules of the three-dimensional cut, will be covered with fat, the short tail long hem also has shifted the view of the effect of ignoring the weight of the waist, single side wide belt beam curve small, marked the waist line position has a good proportion is the main purpose.

"There's a curve on the waist."

10 regardless of clothing or skirt, have a waist curve is a good proportion of the premise, waist in the hips above the thinnest position, hourglass body a tie, personality folds sleeve quietly hide meat and a strong sense of design, the neckline slightly larger can balance the whole, color fine stripes is the focus of this season's popular patterns, bright eyes and avoid bloated, with simple other single products to foil can.

11 It is easier to take a waist dress than to collect a waist coat. With windbreaker characteristics of the dress, into the handsome suit collar and double row buckle elements, tie the butterfly knot in the high waist tied out the hourglass shape and V collar exposing the clavicle, is used in and handsome to show the feminine taste of the kingly, flexible and double have affinity.Read more at:http://www.mirobridesmaid.co.uk | pink bridesmaid dresses


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Maternity clothes

Often to all kinds of women recommend clothes, it is ignored, they also have a particularly great group, pregnant women. Married to the previous marriage had a baby can only do the situation of housewives, now the times have changed, the continuation of life's expectant mother, can also enjoy the same as ordinary women, as long as they are willing to bring the fun.

01 traditional impression, maternity wear has always been a synonym for home wear, as if the woman in the pregnancy, dressed in the need for clothes, in addition to comfortable, there is nothing else. In fact, put aside the basic function of the belly, pregnant women can give women a lot, for example, beautiful.

02 Blossoming flowers, blooming hot and warm, although with the original fiery and warm season some conflict, but not the slightest sense of peace, with the simple design of sleeveless, complex and monotonous, and just good, very suitable for the pursuit of physical and mental pleasure of pregnant women.

03 When you are pregnant, whether you are still working in one step, or putting down all the rest, deserve the best treatment in the world. Women, life is also a few opportunities, some may only once, to feel the birth of a life, not serious treatment is not too sorry for themselves.

04 of course, do not for the so-called beauty, blind waste, buy some one months to get a change of clothes, and so on, it is better not to buy, after all, 10 months, not a small number. Since the decision not to take the normal road, you have to one, incidentally, the lactation has been a cost-effective.

05 Although the outside world is always a pair of pregnant women as a VIP appearance, plainly speaking, is another expression of weakness. And women, once affixed to the belly, mobility inconvenience, the body of the label, such as heavy, want to neatly not up, how happy to play.

06 note, the premise is, there is no real inconvenience to the point of action, four or five months, completely free to do what they like to do, the texture of the soft denim skirt, just in line with this mood. If the labor is fast, take a good rest, and any freedom is less than an honest insurance.

07 a little formal, partial business career style of maternity attire is also very pleasing, perhaps because of the pattern of the relationship, even if finished, or can continue to wear. Black and white stripes of the classic, slim, small lapel of exquisite, clever minus age, a word version, covering all the fat, is almost impeccable.Read more at:black bridesmaid dresses | white bridesmaid dresses


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Floral skirt

Another morning, the light golden sun bathed in the outside of the lawn, a line of colorful light bubbles in the house, reflected in the sleeping ginger rain cheeks.

Jiang Yu Eyelid moved, suddenly opened the moving eyes, turned to the body, gently sway beside still haunted by nightmares of small clouds.

"Um ..." I brow, or opened my eyes, but saw the blue rain lying in front of me.

"My dear, get up!" said the Jiang Yu, looking at my sister today. I reminded him.

"Well ... I know, "I turned over and closed my heavy eyes and continued to sleep."

"Let me take a nap for five minutes ..." (article reading net: www. Sanwen. net)


Jiang Yu frowned and whispered, "big lazy."

But Jiang Yu still did not wake me up again, a person out of the bedroom, gently closed the door, and then go to the toilet dressing care.

Jiang Yu looked at the mirror in the beauty himself, a touch of a moving smile, mouth slightly raised, but also delicious, enchanting.

After combing, Jiang Yu to the bedroom, take out a set of skirts, it is a moving pink floral skirt, wear in Jiang Yu that poplar-like body, even more handsome and moving.

At this time I have been sitting by the bed dressed, looking at the Sau Blue Rain, again be enchanted, although we have been together for more than one years.

Perhaps, Jiang Yu has not remembered this set of floral skirts is oneself hand over one years ago personally to Lan Yu hand, I recall one years ago


That year I saw in their clothing store a just-like girl, when my heart as if the girl was taken away, the girl's every movement is so charming, each sentence is so beautiful, my heart also with the girl's every move to thrill ...

Girls on the model of a set of clothes to look at long reluctant to leave, from the bright and moving eyes, xiao See girls must like this skirt very much.

It is a beautiful floral skirt, the skirt style foreign, but also revealed the young girl's sentimental, the price is 800 yuan.

"If the girl wears this dress, she'll be more beautiful."

Then I walked up to the girl, took off the suit and handed it to the girl: "You are the new 100th customer in our store, so this suit can be given to you as a gift"

The girl took the dress to be overjoyed, the bell-like sound of laughter is more fascinated me.


I was distracted driving, half an hour later arrived at the agreed location, parked in the parking space, Jiang Yu took me into a café.

Into the café, I habitually went to the last side of the corner of the position to sit down.

Only waited five minutes, saw the doorway came in a and Jiang Yu look like the woman walked to the café, Jiang Yu toward the woman waved.

I know, she should be Xiaoyu's sister ' Jiangxue ' although already know they are twins, just didn't expect to actually seem exactly the same, at least in Xiao Eyes is not see where different.

"I seem to have seen you somewhere before." Jiang Shegang sat down and looked up at me, but shook his head and smiled awkwardly: "Maybe I remember wrong, but you really look familiar."

"Oh, I look more like a star?"

I ordered three cups mocha coffee, looking at the two sisters lively chat, for their own this protagonist on the side of the sun can only helpless smile.

"Sister, you sent me a year ago that set of floral skirt I still good custody of it!"

Hear this sentence, I suddenly startled live, originally this set of skirts is his gift Jiangxue, Jiangxue and give Jiang Yu, no wonder Jiang Yu never remember at that time.

"Is it?" This dress was sent to me by a kindly shopkeeper. 800 bucks! But I was lucky, is still the opening of the 100th customer, so the shopkeeper sent me, and then I gave you to leave the city, no longer meet the shopkeeper.

"Really?" said the good thing.


I'm not in the mood for what I'm talking about. Although the surface is always a calm smile, but the heart is already choppy, gently turn the hands of the coffee, white smoke upward slowly, circling in the cup mouth, and then blown away, the aroma spread to the whole table, so ... Over and over again ...

I look to the opposite sisters of the Sight also seems to be the coffee rich cigarettes to diffuse, I do not know that the two sisters become blurred, alienated. Or the white mist of his own eyes.

In fact, is not, but the heart is messy, it seems that they should be in a green eye-pleasing forest sitting to enjoy the beautiful scenery, leisurely, but suddenly because of the arrival of the eclipse, led to their own unprepared, lost in a dark, depressed, fear, let a person breathless deep forest lost.

Two sisters also teeth, the same pear vortex intoxicating, same China, same ...

But if you don't get close to your heart, you'll find that everything seems to be the same, just ... Cupid opened a joke of a modest kind.

If Jiangxue does not put the floral skirt to Jiang Yu, now with their early evening will it be ginger snow, or another person?

If it is ginger snow I will lose ginger rain, if another girl now strange I will also lose ginger rain ...

Anyway, I should be glad that I walked with Jiang Yu today, and should not be so trouble-seeking, because some things, really is doomed, the difference, there will be two of different worlds.

Until the café 's retro old clock when the "boom, boom, thump ..." rang 12 times, my heart also with the bell and more and more calm.

"Perhaps, this is both marginal ... The origin is not, the heart is the fate of it "thought here my eyes become a clear:" Jiang Yu This is not around me very happy?


One years ago when I told the story of the floral skirt to me at that time still living wife "Jiang Yu" listen to, at first Jiang Yu also stared big eyes, unbelievable, but we each other but are very lucky at the original mistake.

In fact, two people have become acquainted with each other for thousands of years of fate, so far I am convinced that this, how many coincidences to play this Happy love song, maybe lose her until one day you will regret that you do not cherish, but you have to know that the opportunity will not always wait for you, if there is another chance, I will be piercing ...

Grasp the fate, cherish each other.Read more at:red bridesmaid dresses | silver bridesmaid dresses


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