Four good habits

Some dark complexion, pimples on the face constantly spots almost one or two years or more... This is not the fault of our skin. The skin is supplemented by local massages, from the external symptoms of the body's internal environment, problems out, the expression of the mood, dieting, sleep, etc., and the means of skin care will look pale, delicate, smooth, face-to-body rehabilitation.

meridians, QI, blood recovery, skin moist and heavy

Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment attach great importance to the visceral role, the QI and the blood of beauty, through the meridians 5, so that the qi and blood movement nourishes the surface, nourishes the skin, as to maintain a ruddy, muscular, skin moist. Meridians unobstructed, qi and blood filling and moods, emotions, regular movements, often cheerful moods, heart peace, Qi and blood have a great relationship to keep the skin smooth to reach the muscles. Here are four good habits to keep your ruddy.

1 Dry-cleaning noodles every morning

The morning before waking, rubbing your hands from rubbing your hot face, rubbing your face → chin → lips → nose → from the middle of your forehead, then release your hands and rub your cheeks right and left, allowing the redness of the face to the degree of heat. This massage can be made at any time of the day, but it is best to have a fresh effect in the morning. In many cases, the surface of dry cleaning can dredge the qi and blood, and five energies to promote the role of the skin of sakae, smooth the skin, to please the face.

2 breakfast red date barley yam Porridge

Together with date, you can eat barley, yam porridge, breakfast or dinner. Red date can enrich the blood, Yam has the function of JIANPI, barley can disperse the dehumidification gas (Western medicine refers to the presence of metabolic waste, toxins), puzzles. Such porridge bowls regulate the great benefits of meridians and replenish the body's qi and blood.

3 nights from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. my

Regular sleep is especially important for the skin. At 11 o'clock at night the skin-two o'clock in the morning, quickly repairing damaged cells, increase skin nutrition, we sleep at this point is conducive to the work of the skin. The skin and the body will not be able to be repaired even if this stage is not found, and it sleeps from 2 o'clock in the morning until 12 noon of the following day.

4 do not eat photosensitive foods during the day

There are spots on the skin, it is best not to eat the photosensitive foods during the day, to avoid exposure to more sunlight, celery, spinach, lemons are all photosensitive foods. Given their beneficial effects on the body, we can eat it at dinner.Read more at:red bridesmaid dresses | mirobridesmaid.co.uk


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The thin-yarn light dances

Hot and high temperature frequency attack, hot to very, what a single product light if nothing and more can reduce the summer? By the silk, net yarn, chiffon and so on composed of thin gauze skirt cool lightsome superiority wins, is the fresh Van Fairy fan's daily choice, but the variety choice can satisfy each kind of fashionable star person's different demand.

Stacy Martin's Cannes Film Festival, red gauze skirt with a silver word with sandals, bright eye exquisite impeccable.

Crape skirt + small white shoes + bookworm glasses of the youth vitality of the practical high, perspective long yarn skirt + the same color inside lap piercing to let harnesses and perspective items at the same time glow new.

AA will split the crepe skirt out of the image of the city Cool Girl, the short blouse can also very well show the strong abs and build long legs, black and brown two colors and material collision is also very imposing.

Veronika Heilbrunner can always wear the yarn skirt beauty is not greasy, the texture is excellent, the secret is the harmonization of neutral elements, such as the addition of sports shoes, so that the romantic fantasy moment after the atmosphere.

Zanita Whittington printing gauze skirt to wear a thick retro literary sense, silk scarf, fork, bandage shoes use of commendable, belt and backpack with the shades of color echoes also harmonious wonderful.

"Full release of the girlish sense:"

01 Belt and wind skirt, design and waist seals are very interesting, loose sleeves can cover the meat is also very suitable for the cool, playful short wake summer vigor, the legendary nine-tailed Fox appeared, what worry lack of girl feeling?

02 Quite unique hand-painted doll skirt is the vitality of June exclusive, color and materials are refreshing like eating ice cream, also silhouetted against the complexion white matte, and the lotus leaf short pendulum lining legs long jiao sweet charming.

03 Worry t-shirt skirt too monotonous or not self-cultivation, add a layer outside can build a good proportion and level of feeling, and will be leisure street and gentle Fairy Qi two style collision is also very fashionable, printing, sports wind stripe enrich smart details and create bright spot, so that the whole full of sunshine, Femaleisure wind play so happy why not quickly about?

04 Summer heat, pay attention to comfort of the material control also in the cotton hemp silk and other natural materials in fine selection, elegant free version, like natural air-conditioning to create a unique cool space, the skin has a texture of morandi pink, the beauty of the healing department refreshing goodwill.

"Red skirt to show the full beauty:"

05 Yuet-Yue's date party is a beautiful dress to win, gauze skirt + strap shoes like a vintage pictorial out of the unique retro feeling memorable, skirt light and weight, hanging with petals along the edge of the decorative foil beauty, detail is very attractive, and choose to close to the skin color of light-colored shoes can avoid the play and can lengthen the leg.

06 cents Beautiful Vibrant red skirt is very suitable for vacation, the level of lotus leaf skirt set to create a free and romantic atmosphere, at the same time to shake off the sticky to keep fresh, fold waist paste at the waist of the most fine place to receive the hourglass body, side is easy and comfortable without from, side is vitality bright and

07 This set of design points is the use of material stitching and irregular tailoring, red T-shirt cut oblique collar point out bold personality and overhangs temperament, half skirt is complicated by the denim and printing chiffon stitching, and the cowboy this elixir of universal medicine just to suppress the light to fly the snow spinning, and hard jeans with belt can better shape the waist.

"Lightly cooked low-key has connotation:"

08 low-key line stripes from the suit, such as neutral single product transfer to the thin silk skirt, soft in a hint of British, mixed hand-painted small patterns can add fun and personality identification, neat v-collar shirt skirt cut, belt can be used, in addition to waist can also use as a scarf, wearing two different styles, instant sense of fashion and practicality also doubles.

$number v collar, fish skirt pendulum is the embodiment of women's best weapon, others to do simple texture dignified generous is very good, the classic dark system is stable atmosphere, will also be relaxed on occasions, age, such as the requirements of the hall into the kitchen can be accompanied by years of objects.

10 into the elegant retro oil painting pattern and irregular fork cut, style and layering, highlighting the smooth and artistic temperament of the line, printing blouses and suspenders skirt two-piece overlay collocation, optimize the proportion, practical enhancement.Read more at:red bridesmaid dresses | white bridesmaid dresses


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Summer dress

Watching the hot summer show meat season will come, means the reduction of meat plastic shape, in a hurry to exercise, cool and thin The trick can also be used, fabric lightsome pendant, design clean and concise, version type relaxed moderate, have waist curve ... method is not the same, in the day-to-day practice to find a suitable way to wear clothes.

"Fabric pendant light."

In the summer of 01, it was very important to have such a lightweight, cool, and thin trousers. Not only good wear, but also has a long skirt elegant and free and easy and olive green fresh sassou, waist folding lined with a slender waist, with a number of excellent quality of the broad leg nine trousers, can be at any time to create a refreshing neat stylish styling.

02 has the silky elegant nature to absorb the sweat and so on the fine properties silk fabric is suitable for summer to wear, do not pick the people of the blue/blue jeans is the first color of this season, to give people a calm and relaxed feeling, very suitable for the need to cool down the summer, relaxed even shoulder sleeve get to the essence of cool thinning.

03 into the summer of course can not mention silk, the rich luster of natural fabrics not only very significant grades, but also to allow the skin to enjoy special pet, loose version and not too much design foil the temperament of their own, the chest chic decorative buckle is simple and generous, let a person in front of a bright.

04 Gorgeous velvet with the combination of the sex T-shirt, pendant smooth and easy to cover the meat parallel, unique velvet luster can be very good to show the retro and avantgarde style, matte color to make the shape appear lightsome romantic, suitable for spring and summer not too hot weather.

"Design refreshing and concise"

05 Thin is not blindly concealed and hidden, witty clever dew more amorous feelings million kinds, let the shape more breathable reveal the original sexy, oblique shoulder also has a vague proportion of the effect of horizontal thinning, only this one design point is very able to earn enough eyeballs, simple to give people a good feeling of clothing.

06 Thin Line Hook is the essence of this shirt design, very detailed exquisite, very good interpretation of the French elegance, naturally opened V-collar outlining beautiful neck lines, micro-la cuff release lady's breath, very suitable for the formal style with a single product, is a necessary good for commuters.

"Version of Moderately loose"

07 Loose is always more friendly to the body than tight, the type of clothing, there is a certain profile more able to show the natural flow of clothing lines, to help hide the meat is thin, even if the sweater is the clothes, spring and summer warmer just put the legs out of the air, so slender legs and outline of the shape of the shirt to balance.

08 in line with the office rigorous and meticulous style of blue and white stripes, hundred and refreshing, using the side belt and elegant pleated to show slender waist, simple wind tailoring is also very clear temperament, the overall understanding of elegance and no lack of lively personality.

09 to break the rules of the three-dimensional cut, will be covered with fat, the short tail long hem also has shifted the view of the effect of ignoring the weight of the waist, single side wide belt beam curve small, marked the waist line position has a good proportion is the main purpose.

"There's a curve on the waist."

10 regardless of clothing or skirt, have a waist curve is a good proportion of the premise, waist in the hips above the thinnest position, hourglass body a tie, personality folds sleeve quietly hide meat and a strong sense of design, the neckline slightly larger can balance the whole, color fine stripes is the focus of this season's popular patterns, bright eyes and avoid bloated, with simple other single products to foil can.

11 It is easier to take a waist dress than to collect a waist coat. With windbreaker characteristics of the dress, into the handsome suit collar and double row buckle elements, tie the butterfly knot in the high waist tied out the hourglass shape and V collar exposing the clavicle, is used in and handsome to show the feminine taste of the kingly, flexible and double have affinity.Read more at:http://www.mirobridesmaid.co.uk | pink bridesmaid dresses


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Maternity clothes

Often to all kinds of women recommend clothes, it is ignored, they also have a particularly great group, pregnant women. Married to the previous marriage had a baby can only do the situation of housewives, now the times have changed, the continuation of life's expectant mother, can also enjoy the same as ordinary women, as long as they are willing to bring the fun.

01 traditional impression, maternity wear has always been a synonym for home wear, as if the woman in the pregnancy, dressed in the need for clothes, in addition to comfortable, there is nothing else. In fact, put aside the basic function of the belly, pregnant women can give women a lot, for example, beautiful.

02 Blossoming flowers, blooming hot and warm, although with the original fiery and warm season some conflict, but not the slightest sense of peace, with the simple design of sleeveless, complex and monotonous, and just good, very suitable for the pursuit of physical and mental pleasure of pregnant women.

03 When you are pregnant, whether you are still working in one step, or putting down all the rest, deserve the best treatment in the world. Women, life is also a few opportunities, some may only once, to feel the birth of a life, not serious treatment is not too sorry for themselves.

04 of course, do not for the so-called beauty, blind waste, buy some one months to get a change of clothes, and so on, it is better not to buy, after all, 10 months, not a small number. Since the decision not to take the normal road, you have to one, incidentally, the lactation has been a cost-effective.

05 Although the outside world is always a pair of pregnant women as a VIP appearance, plainly speaking, is another expression of weakness. And women, once affixed to the belly, mobility inconvenience, the body of the label, such as heavy, want to neatly not up, how happy to play.

06 note, the premise is, there is no real inconvenience to the point of action, four or five months, completely free to do what they like to do, the texture of the soft denim skirt, just in line with this mood. If the labor is fast, take a good rest, and any freedom is less than an honest insurance.

07 a little formal, partial business career style of maternity attire is also very pleasing, perhaps because of the pattern of the relationship, even if finished, or can continue to wear. Black and white stripes of the classic, slim, small lapel of exquisite, clever minus age, a word version, covering all the fat, is almost impeccable.Read more at:black bridesmaid dresses | white bridesmaid dresses


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Floral skirt

Another morning, the light golden sun bathed in the outside of the lawn, a line of colorful light bubbles in the house, reflected in the sleeping ginger rain cheeks.

Jiang Yu Eyelid moved, suddenly opened the moving eyes, turned to the body, gently sway beside still haunted by nightmares of small clouds.

"Um ..." I brow, or opened my eyes, but saw the blue rain lying in front of me.

"My dear, get up!" said the Jiang Yu, looking at my sister today. I reminded him.

"Well ... I know, "I turned over and closed my heavy eyes and continued to sleep."

"Let me take a nap for five minutes ..." (article reading net: www. Sanwen. net)


Jiang Yu frowned and whispered, "big lazy."

But Jiang Yu still did not wake me up again, a person out of the bedroom, gently closed the door, and then go to the toilet dressing care.

Jiang Yu looked at the mirror in the beauty himself, a touch of a moving smile, mouth slightly raised, but also delicious, enchanting.

After combing, Jiang Yu to the bedroom, take out a set of skirts, it is a moving pink floral skirt, wear in Jiang Yu that poplar-like body, even more handsome and moving.

At this time I have been sitting by the bed dressed, looking at the Sau Blue Rain, again be enchanted, although we have been together for more than one years.

Perhaps, Jiang Yu has not remembered this set of floral skirts is oneself hand over one years ago personally to Lan Yu hand, I recall one years ago


That year I saw in their clothing store a just-like girl, when my heart as if the girl was taken away, the girl's every movement is so charming, each sentence is so beautiful, my heart also with the girl's every move to thrill ...

Girls on the model of a set of clothes to look at long reluctant to leave, from the bright and moving eyes, xiao See girls must like this skirt very much.

It is a beautiful floral skirt, the skirt style foreign, but also revealed the young girl's sentimental, the price is 800 yuan.

"If the girl wears this dress, she'll be more beautiful."

Then I walked up to the girl, took off the suit and handed it to the girl: "You are the new 100th customer in our store, so this suit can be given to you as a gift"

The girl took the dress to be overjoyed, the bell-like sound of laughter is more fascinated me.


I was distracted driving, half an hour later arrived at the agreed location, parked in the parking space, Jiang Yu took me into a café.

Into the café, I habitually went to the last side of the corner of the position to sit down.

Only waited five minutes, saw the doorway came in a and Jiang Yu look like the woman walked to the café, Jiang Yu toward the woman waved.

I know, she should be Xiaoyu's sister ' Jiangxue ' although already know they are twins, just didn't expect to actually seem exactly the same, at least in Xiao Eyes is not see where different.

"I seem to have seen you somewhere before." Jiang Shegang sat down and looked up at me, but shook his head and smiled awkwardly: "Maybe I remember wrong, but you really look familiar."

"Oh, I look more like a star?"

I ordered three cups mocha coffee, looking at the two sisters lively chat, for their own this protagonist on the side of the sun can only helpless smile.

"Sister, you sent me a year ago that set of floral skirt I still good custody of it!"

Hear this sentence, I suddenly startled live, originally this set of skirts is his gift Jiangxue, Jiangxue and give Jiang Yu, no wonder Jiang Yu never remember at that time.

"Is it?" This dress was sent to me by a kindly shopkeeper. 800 bucks! But I was lucky, is still the opening of the 100th customer, so the shopkeeper sent me, and then I gave you to leave the city, no longer meet the shopkeeper.

"Really?" said the good thing.


I'm not in the mood for what I'm talking about. Although the surface is always a calm smile, but the heart is already choppy, gently turn the hands of the coffee, white smoke upward slowly, circling in the cup mouth, and then blown away, the aroma spread to the whole table, so ... Over and over again ...

I look to the opposite sisters of the Sight also seems to be the coffee rich cigarettes to diffuse, I do not know that the two sisters become blurred, alienated. Or the white mist of his own eyes.

In fact, is not, but the heart is messy, it seems that they should be in a green eye-pleasing forest sitting to enjoy the beautiful scenery, leisurely, but suddenly because of the arrival of the eclipse, led to their own unprepared, lost in a dark, depressed, fear, let a person breathless deep forest lost.

Two sisters also teeth, the same pear vortex intoxicating, same China, same ...

But if you don't get close to your heart, you'll find that everything seems to be the same, just ... Cupid opened a joke of a modest kind.

If Jiangxue does not put the floral skirt to Jiang Yu, now with their early evening will it be ginger snow, or another person?

If it is ginger snow I will lose ginger rain, if another girl now strange I will also lose ginger rain ...

Anyway, I should be glad that I walked with Jiang Yu today, and should not be so trouble-seeking, because some things, really is doomed, the difference, there will be two of different worlds.

Until the café 's retro old clock when the "boom, boom, thump ..." rang 12 times, my heart also with the bell and more and more calm.

"Perhaps, this is both marginal ... The origin is not, the heart is the fate of it "thought here my eyes become a clear:" Jiang Yu This is not around me very happy?


One years ago when I told the story of the floral skirt to me at that time still living wife "Jiang Yu" listen to, at first Jiang Yu also stared big eyes, unbelievable, but we each other but are very lucky at the original mistake.

In fact, two people have become acquainted with each other for thousands of years of fate, so far I am convinced that this, how many coincidences to play this Happy love song, maybe lose her until one day you will regret that you do not cherish, but you have to know that the opportunity will not always wait for you, if there is another chance, I will be piercing ...

Grasp the fate, cherish each other.Read more at:red bridesmaid dresses | silver bridesmaid dresses


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Her Beef with Taylor Swift

In the course of her weekend-long, no-holds-barred “Witness World Wide” livestream, Katy Perry spoke on several hard-hitting issues: past drinking problems, suicidal thoughts, the healing power of forgiveness, and more.

During a sit-down with Ariana Huffington — part of an interview for the media mogul’s Thrive Global Podcast — Perry discussed her epic feud with Taylor Swift (a recurring topic during her Witness press tour, despite its seeming staleness). Huffington asked whether Perry was ready to finally “let it go.” Perry’s answer was a resounding yes. Pop fans the world over breathed a deep sigh of relief.

“I’m ready to let it go. Absolutely, 100 percent. I forgive her, and I’m sorry for anything I ever did, and I hope the same from her, and I think it’s actually … I think it’s time,” said Perry, who as recently as her May 22 Carpool Karaoke appearance was still calling for a formal apology from Swift.

“There are bigger fish to fry, and there are bigger problems in the world,” Perry continued. “I love her and I want the best for her, and I think she’s a fantastic songwriter, and like, I think that if we both, her and I, can be representatives of strong women that come together despite their differences, I think the whole world is going to go, like, ‘Yeah, we can do this.’ Maybe I don’t agree with everything she does, and maybe she doesn’t agree with everything I do, but like, I just…I really, truly, want to come together, and in a place of love and forgiveness, and understanding and compassion. God bless her on her journey. I want to operate in a positive, kind space. I want to be an example of kindness, compassion, love, and I forgive and forget.”

Of course, being the first to apologize is never easy. “That wasn’t easy for me. I think everybody knows that wasn’t easy for me,” Perry concluded. “But it’s fine. I want to let it go. I really want the best for every person.”

Swift has yet to respond (via Notes screenshot or otherwise). Catch the tail end of Perry’s marketing experiment below.Read more at:red bridesmaid dresses | http://www.mirobridesmaid.co.uk


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Ellie off to London

Whether she is wearing clothes or designing them, Blackrock fashion graduate Ellie Connolly turns heads. Her gorgeous romantic creations for the NCAD fashion show were picked out for mention by Irish Times fashion correspondent Deirdre McQuillan, while a photograph of the elegant 23 year old striding confidently passed models and fellow graduates made the paper's 'pictures of the weekend' selection.

Ellen is delighted with the reception which greeted her degree collection which is inspired by the her parents' restaurant. The Greenmount, as well as that ran by her grandparents in Carrickmacross.

'I was looking back at the old table cloths from my grandparents' restaurant as well as the patterns created by decaying food,' she explains.

This somewhat unlikely starting point proved the inspiration for her collection of three full outfits. She designed and cut the patterns and then assembled the garments herself as fashion graduates need to have expertise in all aspects of the industry.

Such is Ellen's commitment to fashion design that she took a year out of her studies at college to do a six month course with the National Tailoring Academy, Dublin.

It was a decision which certainly paid off, as she was selected for the finals of the River Island Bursary for final year fashion students at NCAD.

This year River Island asked the students to create a capsule collection for River Island's Spring Summer 2017 range, which were by Lucy Moller, River Island Design Controller.

And her collection made such an impression that while she didn't win the €3,500 bursary, she was invited to travel to London to work as a design assistant in the company's cutting edge fashion studio.

Ellie is a past-pupil of St Mary's College, where her art teacher Ms Linda Bailey encouraged her interest in fashion. 'I always wanted to go to art college and I really fell in love with fashion when I did an entry for Junk Koulture in fifth year,' she recalls. She then completed a post Leaving Cert course in fashion at Drogheda Institute of Higher Education before attending NCAD.

She cites Molly Goddard, Dior and Alexandra McQueen as designers whom she admires, and her work certainly reflects their inspirational use of fabrics and tailoring.

The photos for her the lookbook which formed part of the graduate exhibition, features models Stefania Egan from Blackrock, Sophie Dillon and Hope Saunders, and was shot in the family Greenmount Restaurant by photographer Alex Hutchson.Read more at:white bridesmaid dresses | bridesmaid dresses uk


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Say hello to the Summer Bride

The new-age bride is all about the lightness and she’s far from looking over bejewelled or bedecked with ornate clothing,” quips Anaita Shroff Adajania, Fashion Director, Vogue India.

Anaita observes that a lot of brides today are veering towards subtle tone on tone embroideries and pretty pastels. “It’s dreamy and fairytale-ish, yet light and practical. Even in terms of accessories they’re opting for fresh flowers and sun-kissed make-up,” she says.

Today weddings are all about having fun and comprise a slew of functions hence there’s scope to experiment and let your freak flag fly high. “Today’s bride and her entourage of bridesmaids pick outfits and looks depending on their mood and the occasion. For instance, it could be goth for her youngster party, a fun ensemble for a boho beachy do. I see them opting for a subtle mirrorwork for the day function and I also see them embracing an unusual colour palette from Benaras. So there’s a lot of returning to heritage,” Anaita adds.

Weddings are like a movie

Designer Arpita Mehta observes that weddings today have become like a cinematic spectacle and the brides want every look to be a highlight. “How I picture the summer bride — she teams a bralet with a tulip skirt or a crop top with a two-layered, ruffled skirt,” says Mehta. There was a time when weddings were all about looking single-mindedly pretty but now every wedding occasion has a distinct theme, say a Polo party in Jaipur.

“Yellows and pinks have always been the staple colours but it’s interesting to see how people have gravitated towards creams, mangoes and dusty pinks,” she adds.

The pool-side situation

Designer Falguni Peacock of label Falguni and Shane Peacock observes that since the destination weddings are becoming big, the whole idea is to embrace a lightness when it comes to dressing up and having fun with the outfit. “We want our brides to have fun. Everything from clothing and jewellery to make-up has become subtle and they want soft colours — be it the brides or their mothers,” she adds.Read more at:orange bridesmaid dresses | grey bridesmaid dresses


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Kauai Fashion Weekend

Kauai Fashion Weekend ends on high note

Jeanne Russell was more than thrilled Saturday night during the 5th annual Kauai Fashion Weekend red carpet signature event at the Kauai Marriott Resort and Beach Club.

“She bought an Ahmadcourture!” gushed Leonora Orr.

For Russell, it was not about getting something designed by international designer Sha Ali Ahmad, a co-founder of KFW with Marynel Valenzuela of Inkspot Printing, who appeared in an Ahmadcourture.

“This is very functional,” Russell said. “I tried it on, and I liked it. My daughter is one of the models tonight, and we came to watch her.”

But the purchase during the show preceding the catwalk fashion presentation gave Russell some notoriety as she was allowed a walk on the catwalk with Jennifer Davis’s Pineapple Pilates group, prompted by Dickie Chang — who was fashionably garbed in bright yellow pants and a gaudy aloha shirt.

More than 400 people took advantage of the event to dress up, shop, enjoy dinner in the company of special guest Meghan King Edmonds — an actress with “Real Housewives of Orange County” — and enjoy the creations of local and international designers like Edgar Madamba of the Philippines.

Kauai Fashion Weekend capped a flurry of activity, where professionals like Ahmad and other off-island design professionals like Florida-based photographer Natasha Kertes were able to share their knowledge with Kauai residents. Kertes worked her magic aboard a yacht for a Na Pali series.

“We heard about this, and thought we would come to check out what this is about,” said Sara Miura and Eric Miura of Deja Vu Surf, a fourth-generation retail operation. “This is our first time at the Kauai Marriott event.”

Local designer Kristyl Apeles of Puka Surf not only presented her items, but accessorized the presentations with items from other designers including “wearable art designed, stitched and dyed by Christiane Love.”

Susan Tai Kaneko of the Kauai Economic Development Board, Sue Kanoho of the Kauai Visitors Bureau, Edie Ignacio Neumiller, and other familiar Kauai faces had an opportunity to grace the catwalk in fashion created by Kona designer Nita Pilago of Wahine Toa who incorporates the elements of culture into high-demand fashion.Read more at:orange bridesmaid dresses | grey bridesmaid dresses


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Chloe Grace’s Big Apple moment

In a desert town of miners and farmers and endless plains of red dirt, Chloe Grace walked around her house in oversized, borrowed high heels and dreamed of becoming a model.

Now, the 15-year-old, who has never left Australia, is headed to one of the biggest fashion events of the year.

Many young girls dream of a career in modelling, and few have not at least tried to pretty themselves up with dark eye make-up and slick dresses and pouted their lips as their friend let the camera flash go wild.

But few will show the kind of dedication Chloe did as a child, the same dedication that made her parents so willing to invest in her fashion model future.

After modelling for Kalgoorlie fashion label Bel Cappello last month, Chloe will make her international debut as she walks for the brand at New York Fashion Week in September.

She has graced her fair share of both national and international magazines — five, to be exact — including the cover of W Magazine.

She is also a national finalist for Miss Fashion Week Australia, and will compete in Melbourne after returning from New York.

“I’m competing in the 13 to 18 years old category, so I’m not going in there expecting to win,” she said.

“But whatever happens, it’s a chance for me to get some more experience.”

By many standards, Chloe is already experienced. She started modelling seriously at 13 when former London-based model Fifi Robinson took her under her wing.

Since then, she has travelled to Perth every few months for photo shoots, and the time she walked for Bel Cappello, it was already her third runway.

“But I was more nervous for that one than any of my others, because I knew a lot more people,” she said. “I’ve learned everything from Fifi.

“I’m so thankful to her because she has been very supportive about New York and made the whole thing seem less daunting.”

When Chloe got the phone call she had been chosen to go to New York, her response was, well, just what one might expect.

“Is this a dream, did I dream this,” she recalled thinking. “I was so excited. I can’t believe how fast it’s come along.”

Excited and nervous, Chloe has never been overseas and having waited for an opportunity like this she has no illusions about the significance of the event.

Chloe’s father, Kalgoorlie electrician and horse trainer Ashley Grace, her mother Serena and her 17-year-old brother Ben will fly to New York to witness her big moment. Mrs Grace said she was overjoyed for her daughter.

“We’ve dreamt something like this would happen,” she said. “This could be a big opportunity for her.”

Chloe said while it was unusual for a Kalgoorlie girl and a Kalgoorlie label to make an appearance at New York Fashion Week, she loved seeing her hometown becoming more involved in arts and culture sectors.

“I’m noticing there are a lot more things happening here,” she said.

“I like to see the town becoming more involved in fashion and providing more opportunities for young people who want to pursue that.”Read more at:orange bridesmaid dresses | bridesmaids dresses uk


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Cannes Film Festival 2017

And after last year's thigh-split plunging Alexandre Vauthier gown, all eyes were on model Bella Hadid on the opening night as she plumped for a re-run of the winning formula.

This time in a pale pink hue, the Vauthier gown featured yet another plunging neckline but got a seasonal update via its straplessness.

Straying slightly from her comfort zone, Hadid stepped out two nights later in a quilted red Dior gown with a scalloped neckline and flared skirt.

Rarely one to shy away from a red carpet appearance is Hadid's good friend Kendall Jenner, who led the arrivals at the 120 Beats per Minute premiere in a flowing white one-shouldered couture gown by Giambattista Valli.

Impressing in the style stakes over the weekend was Nicole Kidman, who wore a dramatic sequin and frilled silver gown by Rodarte at the How to Talk to Girls at Parties premiere.

Joining her was co-star Elle Fanning, who was breathtaking in a mind green floral Gucci gown with delicate embellishment.

And with many of the big premieres still yet to come, we predict that the red carpet arrivals are only set to get bolder.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses uk


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